pondělí 8. ledna 2018

New year cultural offensive is about to begin!

Uncle Grasha’s Flying Circus threatens by three sorties:
In the first half of the year the vinyl split with KOSTADiS should be released by Sweetohm rec. from Greece!
In the second half then, the new album Stalinist God is planned, 2/3 of the tracks are finished!
In the longer run the collaboration with Il Vuoto (the author of project III), is planned, so let’s go to funeral doom with smile on the face!
The ideas or even the offers of co-releases or the trades are already more than welcomed 😊
Moreover, let’s badger the environment a bit by increased activity within fine art and literature:
- new artzine developing the previous feats -/-/-- and ⌐, but this time wholly submerged into the fluid, raw and concrete literature - each piece is different, but the concept is drastically the same! The first wave is finished, then I will continue regarding the sufficiency of the material, but probably not above the limit of 50 pieces. 
- sometime in the spring the collage zine “Death march” will be released, but don’t expect something like Marduk/Arditi , on the contrary, the Czech mothers are the main inspiration!
- new edition of 3D paintings is planned as well as the second painting to „Faces of Lunacy“ cycle, where the first one was The Arch of Lunatics, maybe seen by some of you on Fluff fest
the rest is going to be in Czech unfortunately…

...but from the rest of my unpopular music groups:
- Surfin‘ Bazooka will finally release its debut on tape, the last track will be recorded on the live show, explosions included!
- even in the hatch of Bambulka and Dedo Jozef there can be felt fresh creative stench, so maybe more bed time story songs to come!

Besides above mentioned, Pravěk Noise Section is going to co-release 7” split The Karmakumulator - Gen26 (harsh noise from Slovenia) and 12“ split Vazio – Death by Starvation (South American black metal with punk influences), moreover in distro we now have also 12“ Dormancy by Sweeps 04 (drone-doom), the first s/t CD release of Loosers (post-hardcore) and finally even the harsh commando PAREGORIK / CRY OF HUMANS / DRÉN – live split MC


And when you can see us live?!
24.1. Yamabushi + Surfin‘ Bazooka, Prague, Sběrné Suroviny
29.1. The Prostory Revival + Uncle Grasha‘s Flying Circus + maybe more at Klinika squat
31.3. Distaste (I bet you know them) + LMDA (powerviolence) + more to come to smash your nose
28.4. Necrobiotic (death metal, Brazil) + Bambulkyně Dobrodružstvá + many more, Prague Underdogs
12-14.10. Pravěkfest
more to come soon!

úterý 26. prosince 2017

Pravekfest VII announced!

Preliminary confirmed bands and DJs:

The Prostory Revival – acid noise rave poetry
Spreading Dread – progressive/thrash metal
Drén – harsh noise and more!
Surfin‘ Bazooka – avantgarde bazooka jazz/danger music
Grindis Khan – khancore
All days – Olgoj Chorchoj Sound System DJ/live perf.
DJane Aisling synthwawe and more

More info in the Spring, until then keep on killing cool kids!

pondělí 11. prosince 2017

Noise Testament 2018 ⊙ turn off, tune out, drop dead

second edition of berlin's infamous experimental and extreme musick festival

BANDS (so far):
UUUU (uk/swe)
NERVØS! (nor)
FANGE (fra)
MNHM (nl)
PILORI (fra)
ORTURE (ger)

February 9-11
Urban Spree, Berlin
See more:

čtvrtek 16. listopadu 2017

Pravěk Noise Section - We will /not/ harm you!

We know we promised to release the second edition of "killing cool kids" stickers on the anniversary evening, but finally we got the feeling to prepare something else instead! Because on our past stickers we were so rapted by contemporary structural issues, we almost overlooked the deep personal experience of pain when being harmed. So this time we will /not/ harm you!

neděle 12. listopadu 2017

George A Romero tribute compilation was just released by Throne Of Bael Records!

Many various artists on the field of electronics from sick dance electro to harsh noise contributed for the benefit of Roy Castle Lung Cancer Charity.
I am grateful that this great director showed me many years ago some new paths, bloody, dirty, toxic, but above all, social critique! So the older and previously unreleased track "The Facts in the Case of Mr. Valdemar" is dedicated to him!